About the Author

Philip D. Hume’s journey began with a childhood and upbringing enjoyed in the rural Scottish Borders. Still unspoilt and rich in green country, he would not yet know that the ancient yet majestic landscapes would lend inspiration to his writing years later.


But turning 18, Philip knew there was a world full of opportunity to discover. Taking a law degree just across the Border in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, he began to read and write about real and tangible legal things, which still fostered his affinity for the written language.

After law school, Philip chose to pursue a masters degree in law overseas. Spending time in both Germany and Australia, he enjoyed a rich and cosmopolitan experience travelling, embracing a relatively familiar yet foreign language and building an entirely new circle of friends.

By 2008, it was time to come back, start the training contract and qualify as a solicitor. The financial crisis had arrived and already made a home in the UK. Being still fairly young and inexperienced, things seemed difficult and even a little challenging. The entire working world stood in sharp contrast to the bright and carefree buzz of the Continent and the sunny shores of Australia.

Slowly, it got better.  The economy improved; garnering more experience, the profession also offered greater opportunity.   But alongside these changing circumstances, Philip rediscovered his passion for books and creative writing.  From 2015, having already cultivated his drafting skills as a solicitor, he began work on his debut novel – The Devil in Humanity.

Today, Philip still lives in the UK with a close (yet ever growing) circle of friends though he makes every effort to return North as much possible.  During the day, Philip practises as a solicitor (under a different name) in London’s square-mile with some of the world’s largest financial service providers and banking groups.

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In the morning, at lunchtime, at the weekend and using any other spare time he can find, Philip continues to plot and write his next book…  When he is not writing or working (… or reading), he can often be found enjoying a decent glass of beer, wine or bubbles with good company.