Recommended Books

Fallible JusticeLaura Laakso

quintessential murder mystery laced with magic and menace, engaging characters unravel a striking storyline, a perfect read on a cold, winter night or a rainy day.

The Haunting of Hill HouseShirley Jackson

The original haunted house classic, an inauspicious plot and surrounding descends into mania and madness, a lynch pin of  contemporary horror literature.

EXODUS IN BLUSH: A Modern Fantasy Epic by [Rem, Nicholas]

Exodus in BlushNicholas Rem

An electrifying adventure in a wild and enigmatic world, taut with sub-plots and surprises, a richly-narrated plot with carefully-crafted characters.

WeYevgeny Zamyatin

A “delightfully dystopian” classic, questions what a person and a society could and should be, a brief read but monolithic in meaning.

Kafka on the Shore – Haruki Murakami

A thought-provoking tale, deeply moving and sentimental, full of emphatic and profound characters, a book that makes you reconsider what a book should be. 

Dune: The Machine Crusade – Brian Herbert / Kevin J. Anderson

Highlights the importance of standing up for something, reveals mankind’s competing capacities for division and unity, demonstrates how great things may emerge from humble beginnings.

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

Espouses meritocracy as an intrinsic value in society, underscores the inviolable potential of the individual, reveals the significance of “selfless selfishness”.

WeaveworldClive Barker

Full-throttle action and horror, dives deeply into the darkest corners of mythology and religion, a self-assured page-turner.

Misery – Stephen King

Every author’s worst nightmare, kills off any desire to procrastinate.

Sputnik Sweetheart Haruki Murakami

Celebrates unrequited love and unanswered questions, demonstrates how seemingly positive changes may have unforeseen consequences… and the main character is also a writer.