Recommended Wine

Champagne Delamotte Brut 0,75 lt.

Champagne Delamotte Brut – Salon Delamotte

Drank at: Balthazar (London) // Available at: Amazon

Robust and rich, this champagne deserves to be an entrée in itself.  Beyond obligatory canapés, this splendid wine goes well with vegetarian dishes and warm or cheesy starters (like French onion soup).

torre oria cava

Cava Torre Oria – Torre Oria

Drank at: Home // Available at: Compass Wines

A floral and refined cava.  It is special enough to accompany a nice meal but fun enough to share with friends on a Saturday night or special occasion.  

The Butterfly Effect Reserve Shiraz 2017Sam Plunkett

Drank at: Home // Available at: Naked Wines

An aromatic and fruity red wine with a rich and complex flavour.  Particularly pleasant when consumed with a cheese platter!

Image result for Sacchetto Prosecco Col de L'Utia Brut 2017

Sacchetto Prosecco Col de L’Utia Brut 2017Paolo Sacchetto

Drank at: Home // Available at: Naked Wines

Crisp, refreshing and dry but not too sharp.  Great on its own, with canapés or a light meal.