Quiet Festive Days with Good Wine…

Back so soon… another blog post within a week.  We have reached a wonderful time of the year.  It’s that blissful twilight period after Christmas; the remains of the Christmas Pudding are in the freezer where they belong and the dry cleaners are polishing the glad-rags for New Year’s Eve.  And being off work until January, the 28th December seemed like a good day to look back on some of the delicious wine drank over the past week.

“The Butterfly Effect” is a delightful Shiraz that hails from Australia.  Generally, I favour white wine but I was very pleasantly surprised by this rich yet enigmatic red wine, which brought back some fond memories of my time in South Australia.  It has a fruity and complex taste, accompanied by a solid and appealing aroma.  I drank a couple of glasses of this with a variety of cheeses (predominantly blue and brie), which was very agreeable.  However, I imagine this would go very well with a hearty main course.  Alternatively, as it is a Shiraz, it has the strength to be drunk by itself as a digestif (like a nice Tawny Port).

The Butterfly Effect is produced by a cool, little boutique vineyard in Victoria, Australia, which seems to be a relatively new winery.  However, the proprietors have plenty of experience as wine-makers and have already won a number of accolades (- you can find their website here).  In the UK, The Butterfly Effect is available to buy online from Naked Wines.

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